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Shannon McCoy



Marketing. Advertising. Overall Creative.

I'm the bard in your Dungeons and Dragons party – skilled and versatile. I'm a published author, hard-working communications expert, and long-time lover of all things marketing and advertising. And that's just the start of it.

I've done some neat things in my short time on this planet. I'm proud to say that I've helped small businesses and non-profits thrive and grow by just tweaking their social media messaging. I've increased visibility in brands through branding and public relations efforts (I can craft a mean award strategy). In addition, I've been part of teams that helped put on events for 200k+ clients, prospects, and more. I'd love to do the same for you.


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Ever since I began working with Shannon, I have had a marked increase of clientele, as well as being introduced into a new field in which to expand my business and portfolio. Shannon has been pleasure to work with, and I only have the highest regards for the quality of her work and her professionalism. If you are looking for someone to help grow your business and get real results, Shannon is the perfect person for the job.
— MEGHAN PALLA, Owner of MRP Beauty Solutions
Shannon is a valued team member at Fish City Grill. She is eager to work, take on a leadership role and assist in any way enhance the success of the restaurant. I highly recommend Shannon for her expertise in service, selling and understanding how marketing can impact a successful operation.
— DAVE GARNER, Franchisee at Fish City Grill
Shannon is a great team member because she always gives constructive criticism and always does everything in her power to help deliver the best possible final product. During our campaign for United Way of Denton, Shannon put a ton of extra hours of work in to make sure that every aspect of our project and presentation was perfect. Shannon is a joy to work with and I would definitely recommend her to be a part of my team in any business situation.
— Michael Zewdu


About Me

I'm a multi-Generation Marketer

Hello, my name is Shannon and I'm the Dallas Ad Grad. I have a long background in creative and brand management with a passion for research and organization. I love the background work that makes an advertisement or marketing activity what it is. 

Your question probably is what can I do for you? I'm an eager learner, but also a big dumb nerd. I like making stupid jokes and puns everyone can't help but laugh at, but I know when to get a job done — and how. Most of all, I like being proud of what I do: leadership, time management, awesome human, etc.